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- Uta and Tanja Schmidt for their patience, understanding and love. A special thanks for Tanja Schmidt for creating the Starbyrd logos.

- Graham Allman-Talbot (Jack & James) for his friendship, commitment, his patience and endurance. We couldn't have done "On The Other Side Of Mad" without him.

- Ritchie Dunlop for having a great time in the Different Faces and for his contribution to "On The Other Side Of Mad"

- Camilla & Roger McGuinn, for their continual support and advice and for allowing us to record “The Tears”. A special thanks to Camilla McGuinn for writing the liner notes of “The Tears”.

- Dave Lewis and his family (Lynn, Jesse, Jake) for his friendship, enthusiasm, commitment, song writing skills, and for making us laugh.

- Eric Sorensen for continually plugging Starbyrd and giving us much support as well as writing the liner notes. Long may you run, Sir Eric!

- Raoul Verolleman
for his continual support and enthusiasm. Merci!

- Clark Eldridge for his continual support and enthusiasm

- Marco Zanzi (and his Piedmont Brothers Band) for his support and friendship. Mille Grazie.

 - All those at alt.music.byrds  & Byrdmaniax who supported our project and gave us a helping hand 

- The Byrds
(Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Gene Clark & Mike Clarke); CSNY & Tom Petty & Heartbreakers (to mention just a few)for years of great music and inspiration.