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Starbyrd has created an easy to listen to 1960s retro celebration chock full of dueling electric Rickenbacker 12 strings that bring Roger McGuinn and The Byrds to mind. Lots of great orignals and a few cover tunes that will please just about everybody but especially fans of The Byrds and jangly music! (Bill Kaffenberger)

The Original Starbyrd Line-up

Graham Allman-Talbot (left)
Lead & Harmony Vocals; 6& 12 string guitars; Bass; Keyboard; Drums

Horst-Peter Schmidt (centre)
Lead & Harmony Vocals; 6 & 12-String Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Ritchie Dunlop (right)
Lead & Harmony Vocals; 6-String Acoustic & Electric Guitars

The Sound of the 12-String Rickenbacker Guitar

"We really have some great players in this newsgroup. We have Craig Fall, Horst-Peter Schmidt, Graham Talbot a.k.a. Gat, Starbyrd. I want to thank all you guys for making such great music, and keeping the Byrds sound alive. We need one of you to hit the big time and get popular music back on its feet. Maybe someday we can do without American Idol, we got stars right here in alt.music.byrds."

Clark Eldridge - June 2004

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